Small Business Startup & Growth Advice

We help small-business owners start, manage and grow their business through business strategy, planning and execution. We drive improvement by helping our clients to improve management information and analyse market conditions. This enables them to make informed business decisions and progress.



  • Increased Sales

  • Increased Productivity

  • Higher Cash Balances & Cost Savings

  • More Opportunities For Growth

  • Faster Decision Making



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Who We Help




Helping Entrepreneurs Develop Their Ideas Into Real Businesses




Funding And Support For Early Stage Businesses




Streamlining Operations And Helping Startups To Grow




Building Solutions For Complex Problems

Our Services


We have two distinct consulting solutions.  Traditional Business Consulting helps our clients achieve their long term objectives. Micro-consulting fixes business problems quickly and effectively.


Our mentoring program helps entrepreneurs and small business owners gained the knowledge they need to build successful businesses.


Outsourcing business analysis enables start-ups and small businesses to access enterprise level analysis for a fraction of the price. 

What We Do


Small Business failure rates are alarmingly high, 90% of businesses close within the first five years. The root cause of business failure is usually a lack of planning of key functions such as finance, marketing and operations. Even when a business plans future performance they fail to execute the plan effectively. 

We help small businesses and start-ups avoid the common pitfalls of business management, reducing the chances of failure. We make businesses better through business planning, performance management, financial control and operational efficiency. 

Typically our clients grow revenues by 20%-50% over the year while cutting costs by 30%. 

We achieve these results by utilizing our Business Levitation management tool that analyses the key elements of a business, the market and your competition, it then provides you with areas of improvement and an action plan for success. The Business Levitation tool is built upon our fundamental objectives of modernizing operations, reinventing strategy and energizing the workforce.